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Difference between fashion and style

The entire soul of fashion lies in style, looking fashionable is one thing and looking stylish is another. Just because you own an elite list of brands does not mean that you are a hip on fashion.  You must develop your own style based on your own specific ideas, ideals, inspirations and your favorite designers or brands. Style comes on with effort and practice as well as confidence.

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To develop your own style first thing you need to do is understand your personality. Whether you are hip, Goth, sweet, straightforward, bold or sophisticated and serious regardless of your personality.

If you’re sweet and simple wearing bold clothes will make you look confused like someone who has no idea of fashion. Just because bold statement clothing is in fashion you should not choose it instead incorporate this trend into your style. The event you are dressing up for is also important, never wear flashy clothes in a corporate setting.

Nothing looks as odd as dressing past your age or dressing younger than your age. People who are petite and short heighted are generally the one shopping, in the kids section because they cannot find the right size. Shop from the adult section dedicated to petites specifically or you can easily get your clothes altered as per your size. Never dress up in children’s clothing to look younger, accept the fact that you have grown old and choose your dresses according to your age. Designer bands and celebrity jacketslike Jessica Biel Snug Leather Jacket cannot make you look fashionable if they don’t compliment you never mind their popularity.

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