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Following All the Latest Fashion Trendsetters and Why

Have you ever wondered why celebrities so easily tend to become style icons? No one sits together and decides so this one is going to be our next style icon, they just become and we expect them to set the bar for what is in and what is so last season. When we grow tired of one we just pick a new one and the cycle goes on. We adapt our styles to theirs and change our wardrobes as they do and while the change is never entirely explicit it is nonetheless there.

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These people we follow for our fashion do’s and don’ts, tend to have specialized teams of fashion experts who put together their public image. They pick out the dress and the jewelry, do the makeup and hair and set the style icon free in the world for the public to admire. Their image doesn’t solely belong to them, but to their team and their hours and hours of hard work. At the end of the day what we get is our style icon and our new fashion trend to follow.

Following trends, getting the latest celebrity Leather jackets and watching the fashion tides turn has become a major part of fitting in with the in crowd. If you want to be stylish you need to know who the top models are, what the brands to buy are and who the new hottest person to look out for is. Not following these trends might mark you as a social outcast. So the next time you’re wondering why some trends are so popular you’ll know.

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