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Portray your true love with movies by purchasing the collection whose design inspiration is purely made from the ‘Batman Series’ for all men buyers. The whole collection is the highest fashionable ingredient which can add oomph to your wardrobe attire.

The first biker jacket is in black, white and red color and the sleeves are with belted cuffs and a hooded top over. Another jacket in the collection is with black and yellow stripes jacket. It has a snap tab collar and a Batman logo at the front. The third jacket is in black color and has the ‘Batman’ embossed on the back side. It is made with 100% real leather material. The fourth jacket in the collection is in black color and has a red colored Batman logo at the front. It has an erect collar style with paired inside pockets. Next jacket in the series is the one which is provided with stylish collar and straight hem cuffs in black leather material. Another jacket is the blue faux leather reversible jacket which is provided with front full zipper and full-length sleeves. The next jacket is made with faux leather material and has a white batman logo at the front. Another Dawn Of Justice Jacket is made with 100% real leather material and has padded shoulders and sleeves. It has zippered cuffs on sleeves. The second last jacket in the collection is made with distressed leather material in brown color. The last one is made with the faux leather material in blue and black color with front zipper closure. All the outerwears are designed to give extreme biker experience. So, buy one for yourself.

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