Clark Kent

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Clark Kent is a fictional character who became famous after the release of the superhero movie Superman. His fame became more prominent after the character of Superman was highlighted as the national hero in the American series. Since 1978 from the first release of his movie to the present day, people love him for his heroic looks and action packed films.The attire worn by him in different series is presented to you by

The first jacket in the collection is made with cotton and synthetic leather. It is in red and yellow color and has round collar with ‘S’ logo at the front. The second one is a colorful jacket made from leather in black and maroon color with erect collar, zipper closure and red colored ‘S’ logo at the front. The third is a black leather jacket which is made from genuine leather material in collarless style.There is padded detailing on the shoulder and on chest with ‘S’ logo in black color. In striking red color, the next jacket is made from high class synthetic leather material with a stand up collar style and zipper closure at the front. The jacket has ‘S’ logo etched in red color at the front. The jackets are ideal attire to wear at the parties or bike rides with friends. No doubt, all of them provide a spirited look to the viewers once you are out at the gathering by wearing any one of them. Get them with free shipping facility all over the world.