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Youngsters love playing amazing action and adventure video games on their play station. The video game Detroit become human has become extremely popular in just a small span of time. After its launch in May 2018, our website created an exact replica of a huge range of Costume Jackets worn by the characters in the video game. There are three leading android characters Kara, Markus and Conner. The Jacket worn by Markus the caretaker android looks amazing and everyone loves its unique front open design. There is a huge collection of Cosplay and Costume Jackets which comes in classy designs and superb color combinations. The long front open Coat worn by Markus in Detroit Become Human looks trendy and elegant plus it has perfect length and excellent stitching throughout. The Cosplay Jacket worn by Hank Anderson looks fabulous and wearing it will make you look handsome and charming among everyone. The Costume Jacket worn by Android Kara looks nice and elegant. The character is being loved by players for her bold and daring personality.

The amazing color combination of our costume and cosplay Jackets will make you look distinct from any crowd. We are providing supreme quality stitching and genuine leather material at an extremely affordable price. You will not regret to do your online shopping on our website as we guarantee to look after the needs of all our customers. We have a huge range of jackets worn by Kara, Markus and Hank in the game Detroit Become Human and we are sure you will love all of them. We respect the passion and dreams of our online customers who want to look just like the characters. Therefore we guarantee that all our products are as shown on the website and you will be fully satisfied with our friendly customer service.

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