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Agent 007 has been a household name for decades. He is a lady’s man with a license to kill that has traveled to every corner of the world and taken on the most cunning villains that always seem one step ahead. No other James Bond has been more prominent than the portrayal by Daniel Craig. The British superstar has proven to have every quality that fans expect from their James Bond character. He has made a big statement that he can, in fact, play Bond and has the looks and style demanded by his role. His style is what has spawned a fashion collection that we at TopCelebsJackets.com are proud to present to our clients.

The quality of our collection speaks for itself. It is comprised of attire made with the best materials and the craftiest designers that understand its source material. Starting with the jacket inspired by Skyfall, we have a pristine brown jacket made with synthetic leather. Its array of buttons allows for a snappy fit for all wearers and has the comfort offered by lavish coats. Moving on, we celebrate the latest movie “Spectre” by bringing you not one, but two outfits took straight from the movie. First, is a dark black bomber jacket made with satin and cotton fabrics? Second, is a navy blue coat stitched with 100% real cotton? And finally, just as a treat, we are bringing you a vest from Daniel Craig’s other movie, “Cowboys and Aliens”, with the Jake Lonergan leather vest.

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