Johnny Depp 

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From the eccentric Jack Sparrow to the ruthless Whitey Bulger, there is no character out of reach for the ridiculously talented Johnny Depp. Time and time again, he has proven that he can play anyone and everyone when it comes to bringing a character to life. His looks are as diverse as his skills in acting and it is because of that, he has dominated the silver screen for over 30 years. As he grows in age, so does his legacy. His outfits have become a fashion icon and we at are committed to preserving it as well as making it available to all the fans of this amazing actor.

We begin by going back in time to “Cry Baby”, a cult classic where he plays the charming man known only as Cry Baby. We feature his signature black jacket made with 100% genuine leather. This stylish jacket is what kicked off Johnny Depp’s career. Moving on, we have the Donnie Brasco real leather brown coat and the two variations of the Whitey Bulger jacket, both in black and both featuring the notorious looks of the dreaded crime-lord Whitey Bulger. Then from his upcoming movie Yoga Hosers, we have the Guy Lapointe coat. Finally, we even have in store the rough leather jacket Johnny Depp likes to wear in public appearances. Our diverse choices can be bought right here at our store for amazing discounts and more. So check out our offerings today to find out more about our exclusive deals.