Motorcycle Leather Jackets (4)

Vintage Motorcycle Leather Jackets are the perfect kind of jacket for the fall season as well as the perfect accessory. They can pull the entire outfit one is wearing together with finesse and make the wearer look extremely sophisticated in the process. These Motorcycle Black Leather Jackets were designed by Irving Scott who sold them at the Harley Davidson store in New York. They were only bought, at first, by men who used motorcycles and were long associated with these men. Then, they become somewhat of a cult phenomenon because they were just so stylish that everyone wanted one, whether they owned motorcycles or not. These jackets quickly became incorporated into the fashion scene, where many designers used them in their collections. This aided the Motorcycle Black Leather Jackets to catapult to fame and they became a piece of clothing that was literally essential in everyone’s closet. Their rise to fame was also with the help of movie actors and TV stars wearing them on their shows and in their movies in the 1940s and 1950s, including actor Jimmy Stewart in the film Night Passage, which was basically when these jackets became so popular. Today, there are many variations of the jacket as they are not just Men’s Biker Leather Jackets but there are also jackets that are made for women now as well. Fashion designers like Jean Paul Gaultier used these jackets in his collections and now, leading fashion houses like Balmain that specializes in edgy, street style looks also make these jackets the focus of their many collections.

The Best Motorcycle Jackets for Men are slightly baggy, with lapel style collars and fronts that have zipper closures. This is the most classic and iconic style but other variations have their own benefits as well. Jackets that are made of faux leather are more durable, as they do not easily crack or peel and can be worn in the rain without fear of the jacket being destroyed. There are also suede leather jackets and more jackets of other such materials as well. The styles of the jackets have variations as well as some jackets have beautiful embroidery on the back or front with different kinds of iconic slogans or just plain animals or such. There are also some jackets that have buttons of different colors and styles on them which are really pretty as well as make the jacket unique in its style. Today, stars like Demi Lovato, Ansel Elgort, Bruno Mars and even David Beckham have been spotted wearing different kinds of leather jackets whilst simultaneously styling the jacket in their own way, to make sure their sense of style shines through as well. That is in itself the very best part about these jackets, that they can be worn however one wants, and the wearer can add loads of buttons to make it more distinctive or keep it simple to make it more elegant, it all really depends on the wearer and their own style. One thing is for sure, leather jackets are here to stay and it does not seem like they will go out of style anytime soon.

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