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Do you believe in fairy tales? If so, then you are sure to be a fan of the hit TV series “Once Upon a Time”. Now entering its 6th season, the series features characters and villain from stories that were once thought to be only fables and nothing more. This magical journey has been made possible by a host of talented cast that boasts some of the most iconic celebrities. Now at TopCelebsJackets.com, we feature the Once Upon a Time TV Series category where we keep the best clothing line inspired by the drama. You can get it here from amazing discounts and more every time you make a purchase.

To kick off our collection, we have made three products for the star Jenifer Morrison. The first is a trendy brown jacket made with synthetic leather. This is an ideal wear for outdoors and indoors if you please. For a more summery look, check out the light brown variety for this jacket that is also made with 100% synthetic leather for a light but comfortable feel. And then finally, we have a third variation of these jackets made with pure leather and available in lush red. The character of Emma Swan is embodied within these jackets and is ideal for ladies. For others, we have Robert Carlyle Once Upon a Time Mr. Gold Outfit and Enrique Iglesias Once Upon a Time jacket. Last but not the least, Colin O’Donoghue who plays Captain Hook has his vest available at our store as well.

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