Scarlett Johansson

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Ever since we first saw her as a teenager on the silver screen, Scarlet Johansson has proven to be an able actress. She is now known best as the Black Widow in the Marvel Comic Universe. That role has defined her and made her into an icon that fans of the comic book and movie series have been wanting to see over and over. And now she is reprising her role in the upcoming action movie Captain America Civil War. Prepare for the big release by getting your hands on all the latest merchandise that we feature at Check out all our offerings for the clothing inspired by Scarlett Johansson.

Starting with the sequel to the hit movie Avengers Age of Ultron, we have a Black jacket made with 100% real leather. This jacket is inspired by the dark outfit Black Widow wears most of the time on a mission. For a milder choice, we have next a light brown jacket made with cotton fabric. This jacket appears as a fashionable coat with lapel collars. More from Captain America movies, we have the brown real jacket with a wide opening and a sheen finish outside with viscose lining inside. Another variation of this is our leather jacket that comes in black with bigger buttoned closure in the front. So what are you waiting for? Take your pick, and get all these amazing products and more right here at our online store, where we offer generous discounts and more on every purchase for our trusted customers.