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The movie Star Trek Beyond is the third episode of Star Trek series. The original TV series was created by Gene Roddenberry. The series was ahead of its time, both figuratively and literally. A wardrobe of the crew was always a hot topic discussed among fans. The designers now came up with attire that was one of a kind, for both humans and aliens in series. Actor Chris Pine plays the role of Captain James Kirk in the rebooted series. Dashing and brave, the women wanted to be with him while the men wanted to be like him. Now you can dress in a familiar looking outfit and can at least get a small part of the captain’s image as his costume jacket, which is now available on the website Smartly stitched, the jacket has a futuristic look to it. The blue faux leather immediately catches one’s attention. Going with the unique theme, it has no collar and has pockets on the inside. For highly sophisticated people who are looking for something that is a little on the conventional side, but still stands out, the website has the coat worn by Benedict Cumber batch when he played the role of villain Khan in the picture Star Trek on Darkness. The black leather jacket is slightly on the long side and has a viscose lining to offer you comfort and delicate finish. The open front, the broad collar with the strap design and open hem sleeves make it different from any other typical coat.

The female fans of the series cannot be forgotten. The costume Jaylah, the alien, wore is now available at a reasonable stated price. Worn by the beautiful Sofia Boutella, the sleeveless black jacket is made of faux leather with an inner lining of viscose. The slim fit design complements the silhouette of the wearer and is sure to stand out in a crowd. Get it now and avail the discount. When Zoe Saldana takes a role, you know it will be a good choice. Fans were delighted when she was picked to play the role of iconic Uhura in the series. Strong and feisty, her wardrobe reflected her personality. The jacket, she wore in Star Trek into Darkness, tell others not to mess with her. The black leather jacket has a high collar with a full zipper. Uhura fans should get this must-have item to get a classy look at a discounted price.

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