A Star Wars Story Outfits

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The epic space opera Star Wars has become over time the most sought-after series of films that have created a fan base bigger than nearly anything else. After the colossal success of “Star Wars The Force Awakens”, fans wait in anticipation for the next in the series. Here at TopCelebsJackets.com, we also cannot wait for the next film, but to quench the thirst of eager fans until the release, we have prepared a special category of clothing line inspired by the movie characters featured in the old and new films.

Starting off, we have two costumes inspired by the villain Darth Vader. The first one is made for ladies with faux leather and a unique texture outside. The second is a similar jacket variation, but for gents and inspired by David Prowse. For the space rebel Han Solo played by Harrison Ford, we have four choices; an Empire Strikes Back black jacket, a hooded parka coat, a brown made with genuine leather, and finally outfits for women made with faux leather. But perhaps you want outfits for the new characters, we got you covered. For Fin, played by John Boyega, we have a red, a brown and a shiny black jacket all made with 100% real leather. For Po Dameron, played by Oscar Isaac, we have a shiny jet black jacket made with faux leather. Finally, we also have a vibrant blue jacket for Maz Kanata played by LupitaNyong’o as well as a brown costume inspired by the fan-favorite copilot Chewbacca.