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Whether you are watching the hit TV series “Arrow” or “Flash”, or waiting for the new movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, you are a part of the fan club of the talented Canadian actor Stephen Amell. This young star has proven to be an able part of the comic book franchise. As a comic book lover himself, Stephen has embodied all the favorite characters from the different series. His fame has encouraged most clothing companies to come up with fashion selections based on his characters and portrayals in the media. That is why we have also taken the first step and made a new category on our store page with the Stephen Amell jacket outfits.

Starting off the list, we have an Arrow Stephen Amell brown jacket made with pure cotton. But for the same TV series, we have two more choices based on his character Oliver Queen. The first one is a 100% synthetic leather jacket with a combination of green and black coloring. The second is a brown variety made with genuine leather material. Moving on to the Flash, we have prepared a stylish hoodie jacket. This one is a mix of black, green as well as shades of grey and boast an amazing shiny finish on the exterior. And finally, for his arrival in the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, where he played Casey Jones, we also have a navy blue hoodie jacket. So if you are a fan of the actor, this is the one place to buy all his merchandise, and with great discounts and more.

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