Suicide Squad

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As we strive to provide the most attractive yet unique variety of outfits to our valued customers, we move on to present a collection of most stylish jackets from your favorite movie ‘Suicide Squad’. Launched in 2016, it is yet another project by the DC Comics which has gained huge fandom not only due to its presentation, but also because of the colorful costumes worn in it by different actors. For this reason, we picked-up some wonderful jackets from this movie for all its fans. Let’s take a closer look on these products. Harley Quinn is a noticeable character in this movie that was particularly noticed because of her villainous traits despite being a psychiatrist herself. Funny, crazy, scary – these words may be suitable to describe this character, and this is what reflected in her outfits too. The Bombshell Harley Quinn Cosplay Jacket is a beautiful black jacket made of 100% leather. Having shearing collar, full sleeves with knitted cuffs, the Harley Quinn Jacket is enough to add a spark in your dressing.Its internal viscose lining keeps you comfortable, whereas, the different pockets ensure safe and convenient carriage.The next in our collection is from the famous character Captain Boomerang, a thief who seamlessly uses boomerangs. The role was played by Jai Courtney whose two different outfits were particularly noticed; the Jai Courtney Suicide Squad Suede Coat, a leather coat perfect to be worn in winter; and the Suicide Squad Captain Boomerang varsity jackets, satin jackets available in classy blue color.

The Joker was another memorable character in terms of its uniqueness which was amazingly played by Jared Leto. Among his outfits, we present over here the Jared Leto Suicide Squad The Joker Crocodile Coat which is available in elegant brown and catchy purple colors with a unique crocodile design. Being made of synthetic leather, Suicide Squad The Joker Crocodile Coat ensures durability to be worn for long times. For slim-fit lovers, we bring the Suicide Squad Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje Jacket, a typical leather jacket available in modish black color that is sure to enhance your personality impression. How can one forget other colorful characters of this movie? The Suicide Squad Deadshot Red And Black Jacket is a masterpiece leather jacket from the character Deadshot, whereas the Suicide Squad El Diablo Jacket is a trendy cotton jacket with PU leather sleeves to add classiness to your style.