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Are you a fan of Batman? Then you’re going to simply love our Dark Knight Rises collection. After Christopher Nolan gallantly overwhelmed the audience and critics alike, the Dark Knight Rises puts the perfect lid on Nolan’s version of the caped crusader’s vigilance.If the Joker was havoc and chaos in the city of Gotham, Bane turned out to be an even brutal terrorist. Invading the great city, Bane gives Batman the real run for all his money.

Get ready to feast your eyes on the Bane leather coat which is made from an artistic distressed leather material which gives it an extremely rough and masculine appeal. It is designed to keep you warm in the coldest of climates with a high quality shearling on the inside. The next in the line of Bane jackets is the attractive Tom Hardy distressed Bane coat, which has an exceptional princely aura. The shearling beautifully encompasses the whole of the inner side of the jacket.The loop style buttoned closure with strap-button cuffs and an arrogant brown color make the jacket a real emperor-esque attire. The third is a vest inspired by Tom Hardy’s outfit and an exact replica of Bane’s wear, boasting an attractive vintage warrior design with straps, buckles and loops to manifest his villainous dominance. Last, but not the least,comes our Batman leather jacket which is brought to you in genuine leather material with a magnificent bat-logo in the center. The collar design is pretty cool and the jet black color will bring you the look of a desirable superhero.

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