The Mummy Jackets Coats

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The Mummy was released in back in 1999 categorized as an adventurous-horror movie. The movie was shot in Morocco and featured some of the most genuine stars Hollywood has witnessed. The characters suffer through extreme scenarios of weather, much like us, and used some extraordinary garments to protect themselves against the harsh climate of the desert.The Mummy has received appreciation not only in the USA but all over the world, which is why numerous sequels followed after the success of the original movie. Even in 2017, an all-new sequel is predicted to be released which will cast actors as stellar as Tom Cruise.

Fans of Brendan Fraser from the initial release have compelled us to recreate the original masterpiece of his Fur Jacket. Here at Top Celebs Jackets we work to serve our customers as best as we could and since their word is a divine revelation to us, we just cannot ignore their requests! Bringing you the finest quality of fabric whether it is a comfy Brendan Fraser Fur Jacket from Mummy 3 or a cuddly Maria Bello jacket from Mummy 3, we have each and every type of jacket that was featured throughout the series. Customized only for our female customers, we have recreated Annabelle Wallis’ The Mummy coat in fine, genuine leather to make sure our girls are satisfied. Even Arnold Vosloo’s one of a kind Biker jacket is also available. We at Topcelebs Jackets understand the pain and frustration of not being able to find the perfect imitation of let’s say, Tom Cruise’s The Mummy inspired jacket. This is why we make sure our customers are always served with the best of our creations and that too, whenever they want! Until such time our clients receive their jackets, we are as restless as them! Get the bang for your buck and order from us today!