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Jerry Bruckheimer brings yet another fantasy-filled masterpiece after his characteristic flicks in the Alice in the Wonderland TV series. Based in LA, California, Lucifer is the Lord of Hell, who ascends to the megacity after being bored in his empire. The adventure comedy from Fox is in its second season, having arrived at the scene in 2015.

A variety of majestic jackets are at your disposal all inspired by your favorite celebrities including Lauren German, Kevin Alejandro, Tom Ellis, and D.B. Woodside. If you’re a fan of Lucifer then you really don’t want to miss this exclusive collection with a myriad of lovely outfits to choose from. Made from cotton, leather, and fabric, you can get your hands on any style or design you desire. For women alone, we are proud to present four different designs replicating Lauren German’s dressing in the serial. There are an elegant beige colored cotton jacket and three other synthetic leather jackets coming to you in gray and black colors separately. One of our masterpieces is the D.B. Woodside outfit which is an artistic sleeveless gown. Two different varieties of Tom Ellis Lucifer costumes and jackets are also at your disposal bringing you the decency which every man desires. But if you really want to outshine among other men, then we’d like to offer you the Kevin Alejandro brown jacket which brings the class and swag of leather on top of round collars and a handsome outlook. We also have a distressed leather jacket under Tom Sizemore’s name with lapel like collars.

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