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Some of The Famous Leather Jacket Trends!

Leather jackets have been loved and endorsed by all celebrities; some even made them so popular that their names are now synonymous with the jacket! Let us look at some famous styles and their wearers so that the next time you go out shopping, you know your leather!

leather jacket for men

The aviator jacket by Tom Cruise: He wore it in Top Gun and started a cult like fashion following immediately!

The bomber by James Dean: fit for all shapes and sizes of men, this is a piece that is still worn and appreciated by many!

The biker jacket by Marlon Brandon: worn in The Wild One, it sure brings out all the attitude and brashness while highlighting elegance too!

The hooded by Mr. Cristiano Ronaldo: a some what new edgy jacket style, but it is very popular in the young lot.

Tan and colored jackets: these colored jackets are truly a rage even now. Endorsed by Brad Pitt in red color, in Fight Club and many more it takes a subtle and understated look to a whole new level!

The best part is that many online as well as retail stores to buy leather jacket for men in celebrity style at a reasonable price!

Give your outfit a boost by some adding panache and finesse, and you are ready to wow all the ladies! What are you waiting for?

Go and seize the opportunity to buy the one that appeals to your taste buds! It is time to show off your hidden inner celebrity like prowess!

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